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DORA:- 4yrs old. Mum is Holly and Dad is Ash 
She was named after the popular children's character Dora The Explorer 
Dora has had a lively inquisitive nature from birth. Reindeer get on to their feet almost straight after birth and Dora showed such curiosity as soon as she was up! Baby reindeer also stay close to Mum for quite a while after they are born, but Dora would often stray if something caught her eye. That was the reason for the name. 
Reindeer have 4 toes on each hoof, these are actually 2 toes and 2 Dew Claws. The claws help them grip on uneven ground 
The hooves spread out like snow shoes to distribute their weight evenly and help them walk on soft snow. 
In the summer their hoof pads soften and expand to provide traction on soft smoother ground, but in the winter the pads shrink, revealing the hard edges of the hooves so they can be used to break the frozen ground. This is especially important for wild reindeer as they forage for food under the frosen snow. 
Hair grows between reindeer toes to stop the cold snow from collecting there. 
Interesting fact:- 
The clicking noise you can hear when reindeer are walking is created by tendons rubbing over the bones in their feet. This is very important to reindeer living in the wild, if visibility is poor in the snow or at night they can follow each other by listening for the clicking. 
It is just as well that reindeer are not predators as they would never be able to creep up on any prey when they click with every step. 
Next month I will be telling you a bit about Rocky and the strange way he got his name. Also some interesting facts about reindeer and their babies. 
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