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I thought this was Summer! 
When I started to put this blog together we were having scorching weather. What a difference a week can make! The combination of a period of sunshine and then torrential rain has meant the weeds in the plantations are going crazy. It's a bit like painting the Forth bridge, as fast as you get to the end, the mower is out at the beginning again!  
It is important at this time, now the trees have stopped their growth spurt, that once they have been sheered their tops are protected from damage by birds. Birds fly through the trees and land on the tallest point, usually the top of one of the tall trees. Their weight often breaks the leader of the tree. The boys will be busy attaching canes to the tops to strengthen them. When the birds land they shouldn't cause too many breakages. 
Great news for us, we have started our own nursery for Christmas trees. Hans and Kristien have been planting seeds to produce our own transplants. This brings almost the whole process to the farm, keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.  
Hans and Kristien have planted 30kg of Nordman Fir seed and 200gm of Norway Spruce seeds. This is a very exciting venture and it will be very interesting to watch their progress. 
Christmas Traditions around the world. 
Julafton, the Swedish Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. They love to celebrate with family and friends, eating and having fun. The table is laid with lots of buffet food. After dark they open presents and carry on the celebrations. 
While we are getting up bright and early on Christmas morning for our celebrations the Swedish people are having a good lie in. 
Next month we look at Christmas traditions from the Ukraine (not one for arachnophobes). 
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