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See the work being done at the farm in May. They are levelling out the roads, bird sticks are going up, our trees are starting to "flush"............ 
The Christmas trees are starting to "Flush". This means that the new growth has started, the trees look so pretty as the new growth is bright green. Unfortunately for the trees the new growth is very soft and delicate and can easily break off so this is the time for the bird sticks to go up. In the February blog I talked about how the bird sticks are made. Bird sticks are taller than the trees in the plantation so the birds will hopefully perch on them and not the soft tree tops. 
Flushing tree  
You can just see the bird stick sitting higher than the trees 
May is a good time to mend or replace any fencing. We have taken on more land this year and it all needs to have good fencing round to stop the rabbits and deer from eating the trees. Part of the fencing has to be buried in the ground so the rabbits cannot burrow underneath, this is very time consuming. 
This month the boys have completed around 6km of fencing using 2,000 posts. 
Thank goodness for the rain as our little transplants were in desperate need. Now they are taking full advantage of the sun and growing for all they are worth. 
Jobs for June will include "Bud nipping" and "Leader reduction"..... 
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