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How did Rocky get his name? 
Rocky and Neil 
Rocky was born in June 2015. Reindeer babies are usually born in May, so we had just about given up the idea that we would have any baby reindeer that year, when along came Rocky at the beginning of June. 
Whilst on a Rock choir trip to the NEC Birmingham we received a phone call from Hans to say that a baby reindeer had just been born. After spending most of the day telling all our Rock choir friends about him we decide the best name for him was Rocky after the choir. 
He has changed so much since those early days. 
Facts about Reindeer Babies 
Female reindeer give birth once a year and usually with one baby. Occasionally she can have twins. 
A baby reindeer is called a calf. 
At birth a calf can weigh between 2.5kg and 9kg. 
They are able to stand within minutes of being born and are able to run within an hour of birth. This is especially important for reindeer born in the wild. 
Unlike other species of Deer baby reindeer fur does not have spots on it. 
Reindeer milk is said to be the richest and most nutritious milk produced by terrestrial mammals. 
In the wild young female reindeer stay with their Mums and Sisters where young male reindeer will leave to join a batchelor herd. 
We are hoping for a baby any time now. We will keep you posted. 
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