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This month we meet Holly. 
Holly is the oldest of our female reindeer. She is the Mum to all our youngsters, 
Holly, on the left, with Hazel. 
Holly is our oldest female at 9yrs old. She was not born here at the farm but we aquired her from a local herd. She is a nice natured calm reindeer and has given birth to all the little ones we have. They are:- Rocky, Dora, Neil and Hazel. 
Facts about Reindeer Fur. 
Reindeer are perfectly kitted out for the freezing temperatures and snow we have been having recently. Their coats are designed especially for the very extreme temperatures they would have lived in, in the wild. 
The outer layer of reindeer fir is made up of straight hollow tubular hairs to help insulate them. When they lay down in the snow it doesn't melt and make them wet as the body heat is retained within their coat.. 
The hollow tubes also help keep reindeer afloat in water. 
Reindeer are able to make adjustments in their body temperature. For instance they are able to drop the temperature in their legs to near freezing to help keep their core heat even. 
In the winter the reindeer grow longer facial hair, particularly around their muzzles to protect their mouths when grazing in the snow. 
In the warmer weather reindeer moult to get rid of their winter coat and this helps to keep them cool. 
Next month we will meet Dora and I will give you some facts about why reindeer hooves are the shape they are and why you can hear a clicking noise when they walk. 
We will also be keeping a close eye on Nog, who is already beginning to be very protective of his girls and lets you know about it by nudging the fence if you get too close! even though he has only just started to grow his antlers again. 
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