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I thought this was Summer! 
When I started to put this blog together we were having scorching weather. What a difference a week can make! The combination of a period of sunshine and then torrential rain has meant the weeds in the plantations are going crazy. It's a bit like painting the Forth bridge, as fast as you get to the end, the mower is out at the beginning again!  
The weather is glorious. Usually when there is a Bank Holiday it rains! 
Last weekend we donated 3 of our trees for a village event "Cranleigh Bounces Back". The trees were decorated with pom poms and little notes from visitors. They looked so pretty. The event was a great success and has hopefully brought people back on to our High Street 
I cannot believe that it is almost a year since my last blog. Reading through it, I am sure lots of people felt the same, we expected it to be over and life to be back to normal by now. I don't think anyone really anticipated that it would still be with us. However there is light at the end of the tunnel as the vaccine programme is doing so well and we have been good during lockdown. 
This was a difficult blog to write in these very strange times.  
But perhaps people are begining to think towards special occasions when we will all be able to get together and do some celebrating. What better time to be planning for than Christmas..... 
The last 2 months have been busy in the fields weeding, bud nipping and leader reduction. Every tree gets personal attention at this time. All these processes have been dealt with in previous blogs from last year. 
The Spring Into Cranleigh event was a huge success. Cranleigh achieved the required number of painted pebbles to set a new world record. So many people from the village as well as visitors came out in support despite the very windy, showery weather.  
I hope you like our tree 
. We should start a new trend for Easter trees. The hand made decorations look lovely and withstood the wind and rain very well. 
Spring is here, Easter is just around the corner. Over the last few weeks we have had all sorts of weather! Hopefully it will be nice and sunny over the weekend for all our Easter celebrations. 
What are you up to over the Eater weekend? 
February and March is still a busy time for the girls in the office as there is plenty to catch up on after the mad time leading up the Christmas.  
The boys are busy keeping the weeds down, fertilising the trees and prunung them into a lovely shape before they start 'flushing'. This is the new growth on the trees which is a beautiful lime green colour and very soft. 
We have also been planting new trees. Bucky, the new member of the family has been helping out in the tractor. He is very vigilant, looking behind to check the planters are keeping up. We are thinking of getting him his HGV licence so he can replace Hans on the lorry at Christmas! 
What an exciting Christmas Season for Hans Christmas Andersen (H A Trim) 
December was great despite the rather inclement weather! Our lovely customers braved the rain and cold to come and choose their favourite tree. It was great to meet everyone. 
We are sorry we have not kept you up to date on the happenings at the farm over the last few months but in the Christmas Tree world the last couple of months, particularly, the busiest people have been the office team getting orders in and beginning to prepare for the Christmas madness. 
DORA:- 4yrs old. Mum is Holly and Dad is Ash 
She was named after the popular children's character Dora The Explorer 
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